Stomin Norman is one of the few true to the bone car guys I have ever met.

5/09 Some great progress on Norm's lil Astin . It is now DMV cleared to drive on public streets!!!

Here it is doing a little shake down at the swap meet...10/19/08

Project Bantam : 1930ish Austin bantam two door sedan. When Norm found this car it was an abandon project that had been stored in a back yard tin shed for last 30 years being that the car was an odd lil bastard norm had to have it....(I will add the pics of what it looked like on the trailer soon) below are pic's of the progress 5-21-08

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home made twisty headers, soon to have a refreshed 289 installed with 2 = 4's, Next will be the chop....

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random shop pic's below

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